Escape the city and find joy in pedalling anywhere in the world
Riding is synonymous with freedom. At Coast Cycles, it is this freedom of exploring the unknown in the urban jungle or charging through the undulating mountainous terrain that we created bikes to bring this instinct and joy back to everyone.
Wherever your roam,
Channel your fearless spirit
The bikes we made are for a life less ordinary - people who want to escape the grind and connect with the world. We see bikes as more than a mere tool for commuting. We want to transform everyone’s experience from a functional one to an emotionally engaging one. We see the increasing need to create more ease, flow and joy in getting about and, at the same time, being kinder to the planet.
Bikes of Coast Cycles are designed based on the amalgamation of functionality and aesthetics. Beyond the aesthetics, we go to great lengths in researching, prototyping and experimenting with our components to ensure they withstand demanding urban environments. There is something in the idea of infusing more personality into bikes while focusing on making them more accessible and utility-driven from a lifestyle perspective.
When design meets technology
Since 2014, Coast Cycles has refined and developed bikes for urban commuters and bicycle enthusiasts. We developed the original 20” fat tire e-bike, the Buzzraw Classic, which pays homage to 1960s Mini Bikes; it defies conventions by creating a culture that brings out your inner child who embraces fun and exhilaration.
Electrify the urban jungle with style and confidence